Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Facebook Does Not Like This Website - Facebook is Angry That Facebook Detox Has Been Around For Over FOUR Years!

Facebook is angry that this
site is still around.
Facebook does not like this website.  In fact, it bothers them a great deal that there are people out there who are not buying into Mark Zuckerburg's idea of a "more connected world."  Facebook is of the belief that everyone in the world should be connected to each other.  Facebook wants every single man, woman and child to be a member of Facebook.

Yet, there are people out there who refuse to sign up.  There are people out there who are sick and tired of hearing about every small political issue over and over again.  There are people out there who believe in the virtue of privacy or who want to keep their likes and dislikes to themselves.  There are people out there who would rather spend time in the real world instead of in a fantasy world where people pretend to be something that they are not.

There are many who are tired of the cliques that exist on Facebook and who have been burnt out of the whole drama game that Facebook is legendary for!  Believe me, dear reader, if Facebook could silence this page, they would.  They would love to shut this website down.  After all, this is one of the oldest and largest websites that is against Facebook, and it is one that, after four years, is still up on the internet!  That's right, we are not going anywhere!

I believe that the message of this website is as relevant today as when it was created in March of 2012.  I believe that there are people who are still stuck in the belief that they need Facebook and who are sick of logging onto depression every single day who would LOVE to get off of the site for good.  I believe that there are some who would welcome freedom from Facebook as a HUGE breath of fresh air.

Look at your own life.  Are you a member of Facebook?  Does it really do much for you?  Are you really in close contact with all your friends on there?  Would your life really change for the worse if you got rid of it all?  Will you be missed?  Every time I went back to Facebook and left I realized that I was not missed in the slightest!  In fact, hardly anyone cares when you come and go.  And those that did care when I left were the ones who were worried that their being on Facebook was maybe not a good choice.  Yet, many refuse to let go.  Many refuse to take the plunge and delete Facebook from their lives.

All I have to say is just try it.  Deactivate and let go.  You'll want to go back.  You'll want to prove yourself and your life to your friends for a while.  But it gets old.  You will realize that every word you type on that site is a huge waste of time.  Your best post will get a few seconds of attention.  Your vacation pictures may get a quick glance.  Nobody is going to be admiring your art for more than a few moments.  Few will go through your photo albums, no matter where in the world you visited. And even if you happen to garner a few likes, your post will be forgotten in mere minutes.  Is it worth it?

No.  It is not worth it.  Not in the slightest.

Let go...

Friday, August 12, 2016

Facebook: Depression Central (Facebook as a Cause of Depression)

Facebook has gone from a place where one could share the mundane happenings in their lives to a place where one can complain about their life and the world they live in.  As if life is not depressing enough at times, now it's just all too easy to get online and hear about how much someone else hates a political party, a person, their life, or anything else.

And you know what?  Facebook users are desensitized to it!  It has become so commonplace that nobody even thinks about it anymore or seems to notice.

I have noticed that when another person is in a bad mood, that bad mood rubs off on other people.  Others get upset when they are with someone who is upset.  Well, the same thing happens on Facebook.  When you log on to Facebook first thing in the morning and you read the negative posts and comments, you are going to start out your day in a bad mood!  Crazy, huh?  Not really, actually.  That's just how the mind is.  Positive thinking is oftentimes contagious and so is negative thinking.  It's no wonder that people find that, overall, they would rather hang out with those who are happy and positive about life.

You can't just filter out Facebook's negative attitude.  There's so much negativity going around on Facebook that the whole place just reeks of negativity!  It's as if Facebook has become a big place to rant and spread anger around.

If you are still a Facebook user, ask yourself: "Is being on Facebook really that fun?"

I think it's depressing - and I am not alone.  Many of the hundreds of comments on this website show that many people are completely and utterly depressed when it comes to Facebook.

Sign off for a while and see the world in its full splendor.  Don't like your life?  Then do something about it.  Spending hours and hours on Facebook is not going to make your life any better.  In fact, it just makes you more likely to be lethargic.  Set some goals, go for a walk, do some exercise, spend some time creating the life that you are wanting to live.  Why be jealous of those who spend their lives behind a screen?  You're better than that.  Stop selling yourself short on life.  

There is no better time than the present!  Get off Facebook and begin a new life for yourself!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Election Season 2016 and Facebook

I would like to give a huge shoutout to those who are on Facebook right now posting political posts thinking that they are going to change the minds of everyone else.  

A big kudos to you as you pump out political after political post in a hasty effort to change the minds of those who are getting geared up to vote this coming election season.

If you are one of those people, those people who are spending countless precious hours posting about politics and sharing your love / hate of Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton with the rest of the world, congratulations on the excellent use of your time.

Elections will be here sooner than you know it, and many people who have been so vocal on Facebook might forget to, you know, actually go to the polls because of Facebook.

I had a friend tell me recently that political posts will disappear from Facebook after the election and we can all go on with our lives.  I laughed a bit and thought to myself, "yeah, because they sure stopped with Obama."

Folks, political posts on Facebook are here to stay.  They will be around as long as Facebook is around.  In fact, I would venture to guess that politics is posted about on Facebook right now more than ever and it will continue as such even after the election!  That's right, the political posts are not going anywhere!  So, sit tight and get used to it.  Politics and Facebook is like an ugly marriage without a divorce in sight!

There's a big world out there, and it's really interesting.  You do realize that what you read and put into your mind effects your brain and how you feel, right?  You do realize that when you are BOMBARDED with negativity, you will start to think more negatively.  By beholding we become changed.  So, if you are spending your time reading negative posts, you are going to have a negative outlook on life.  Political posts are, overall, very negative.  It's been an ugly election season, and I try to avoid most of it, but I am feeling it.  I am sure you are too.

So, here's a better idea: Deactivate for a while and clear your mind.  Realize that, besides your one vote, you are pretty much powerless to choose the next president, and if you think for one second that Facebook is going to give you the extra power to change hearts and minds when it comes to politics, you are WASTING YOUR TIME.  

Friday, March 4, 2016

National Day of Unplugging 2016

http://nationaldayofunplugging.com/  - March 4th (sundown) to March 5th (sundown)

Think you can take a whole day off from your gadgets and precious Facebook?  Let's see if you got what it takes.  Emergency calls are Okay, but maybe use the rotary phone in the back bedroom instead, k?

It's just one day.  One lousy day!

Friday, February 19, 2016

You Are More Than Your Gadgets

Take some time out today, away from gadgets and the noise of it all to enjoy the world around you.  Do something to develop yourself and make yourself a better person.  You will not regret spending time in nature, with family, or bettering yourself.  But a day wasted in front of a phone or computer, randomly surfing the net or trolling YouTube?  You'll probably one day regret that.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Spoken Word Video: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

This is a powerful video about how "connected" we are.  Or are we?  Share this one with your friends.  I guarantee this will give them something to think about.

Also, take part in the National Day of Unplugging on March 4th to March 5th.  Think about why you might want to unplug (family, goals, friends, your own development, free your mind, etc.).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Ever Happened to Myspace Tom?

Sometimes some of my readers send me an interesting article that they would like to have featured on this website.  One such article that was sent to me is the story of the man that many of you may have, at one time, been well acquainted with, but have let slip from your mind.  That man is "Myspace Tom."

I am sure many of you have interesting memories of Myspace.  Depending on how one defines "social network," this was probably my first.  I made a Myspace back when I was in college, maybe about nine or ten years ago now.  And, to be honest, I found that much of the same drama that exists on Facebook was on Myspace.  Myspace was the first place for many to really show off their lives and brag about their accomplishments en mass on the internet.  It was a place to write in detail about what we did, to show off our food, and to make complete and utter fools out of ourselves (just like we do on Facebook). Many of us were young, and for some, Myspace was our training wheels for (a)social media.

Most of Myspace's users were younger people.  And I found that for most, once Facebook started becoming big, many of us left Myspace and never looked back.

But, what happened to the man who created it all?  I am sure many of you remember that iconic picture of Tom with the white shirt and that crazy look in his eye.  Did he, too, get sucked into Facebook and (a)social media, or is he doing something else with his life?  He is no longer the big cheese behind Myspace.   In fact, according to Wikipedia, "Myspace was sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million and in June 2011, Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake jointly purchased the company for approximately $35 million."  In short, Tom has come into quite a bit of money.

I am sure Tom's life is one of envy for many.  What is more interesting is the fact that Tom has created quite a life for myself out in the real world.

Anderson doesn’t appear to have been swept up in the behavior his platform exacerbated. How should Anderson be allowed to live so carefree when he singlehandedly helped usher in the era of friendship established by meaningless connections on the Internet?
That's right, Tom has seemed to escape from the confines of a life spent on the (a)social media that he helped create.  He is living a life that many of us, on (a)social media dream of.  A life that seems, for many of us, unattainable.  It is quite ironic that one of the people who created this world of digital friendships and "connections" between people is now no longer a part of it.  

To be honest, I am quite happy for him.  Myspace is pretty much dead now.  It exists, but it no longer has the appeal and pull that Facebook has.  To me, Myspace was part genius on Tom's part, and it was him, and not Zuckerberg, that really got the whole thing up and going.  It would have been nice if it all ended with Myspace.   When comparing my perceptions of Tom and Zuckerberg, Tom seems more of a quiet person who goes on with his life, and Zuckerberg seems like he is on a mission to make the entire world suck on the teat of (a)social media, destroying every iota of privacy that exists in the world.  Myspace never existed to "connect the entire world" or to make the world, in some warped way, a "better place for everyone."  I can not wrap my head around how every person being on Facebook makes the world a better place.  Kudos to you Tom for getting away from that and going outside and seeing the world.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Has Facebook Caused More Fighting Amongst Families?

Lately I have watched as members of my family have become antagonistic towards each other and I have wondered why this is the case.  I have read comments from other people on this blog throughout the years as they mention their families competing, bragging, asserting their views, fighting and arguing on Facebook and I can not help but wonder if the site that was supposed to make the world a "more connected place" is actually causing more strife between family members.  Is Facebook causing families and friends to actually dislike each other instead of brining people close together?  I strongly believe so.

There are many ways in which Facebook is detrimental for a person.  Recently I wrote that there are ways in which Facebook makes people feel miserable.  When people feel miserable they oftentimes lash out on others.  They look for a fight, so to speak.  When people are posting about how wonderful their life is on the internet and others are feeling bad about their own life, jealousy will emerge.  When people are enraged about current events or things out of their own control, they will fight over political ideas.  When people feel that they are not accepted by another, they lash out.   In short, families become entwined in the kind of fighting that did not really exist in the same public and easily accessible way before the internet.

Don't get me wrong, families have always fought.  I can remember during my youth seeing my parents and their siblings argue from time to time.  Yet, the arguments did not continue online.  And rarely were those arguments made manifest for a hundred or more people to see and take sides on.

I look at my family now and see a broken and fragmented family full of people who have "taken sides" on issues as the fight unfolds on Facebook, or as I have begun calling it as of late, "Favebook."  I have seen one of my wife's siblings pretty much disown her sister's husband because of his views on Obama.  I have seen people become angry if others do not agree with their political or religious views, removing them from their friends list.  Others state that they should be able to state what they want on their wall and nobody should be able to question what is said.  Does this not sound like tyranny to you?  Of course fights are going to emerge when these things happen.

Recently one of my family members was bated with a political post, and once he commented, a huge fight erupted.  A couple of days after loads of comments from various people who both knew him and some who have never met him, he was unfriended and paraded as a jerk for the rest of the family to see. It is sad to see such a pointless argument turn into a family feud just because someone does not agree with one's self-important political views.  

Thanksgiving is coming upon the United States very soon and I look at my family and see that many are having it separately this year.  In years past, the family would come together for a day when differences were set aside and where people gave thanks for the things that they have in life.  Now, I see that differences are not set aside, they are left right there for everyone on Facebook to see.  Now the topic becomes what was said and done on Facebook.  There is a reminder of how much one does not like another family member right when that other person checks their Facebook page.  And they check it quite often.

Do you really expect that Facebook is good for families and relationships when:
1.  People are obsessed with their own political views and are used to arguing with anyone who disagrees?
2.  People and family members are ultra competitive with each other and parade all their accomplishments in front of everyone else?
3.  People compare how they raise their children?
4.  People unfriend others when they do wrong and use Facebook as a weapon?
5.  When "Favebook" becomes a way for people to exclude others from events and from their lives.
6.  Where personal fights are made public and people start to take sides?

It is no secret that Facebook causes people to become angry with each other.  It is to be expected that the anger will eventually seep into our closest relationships.  When a person gets done telling "a liberal" or "a conservative" how stupid their views are and then notices that their brother has the same views, there is no doubt that there may be family arguments.   Furthermore, what is said can be seen years later as posts do not disappear unless deleted.  That means that the old feelings can re-emerge.

Many people are going to say "that does not sound like my family" or that "I am different.  I can handle Facebook."  Is that true?  Are you just telling yourself that?  Has your family really gotten along as well with Facebook?  Has the constant barrage of political posts and angry news articles really brought you closer together as a family?  Have the members of your family not become jealous when you were talking about that huge promotion at work while others were busy trying to fight the government for an unemployment check?  Do you find yourself wondering if something that someone said on Facebook is really something passive aggressive and meant towards you?  If not, congratulations.

Facebook is an addiction.  People think that they have to be on it or that they are not a good person.  I know some people who are not on Facebook and they are doing themselves a favor.  Many hate the drama and do not want to be pulled into it.  Others crave some type of peace in their lives.  Facebook does not do much good for anyone, especially once the urge to "assert your all-important views" becomes too strong.  And, when you tell the world that they can not disagree with your views, there is a problem.  Do yourself a huge favor and remove it immediately.  You do not need to be a part of a site that is destroying relationships and families daily.