Sunday, July 8, 2012

(a)Social networking sites you may have never heard of...

Most everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Friendster, and similar (a)social networking sites. However, there's a bounty of lesser heard of (a)social networking sites lurking in the dark corners of the internet. More are appearing every single day.  Brace yourself for some of the strangest (a)social networking sites on the internet.

Facebook 2012
(A.K.A. Face2012)

Many people are convinced that the world is going to end in 2012.  They claim that there is no way that can be changed.  Prophecy has foretold it, and you can not argue with prophecy.  Others claim that even if the 2012 prophecies are not correct, the world is still on the verge of destruction, even if it is a result of the Earth's magnetic poles switching or a meteor shower slamming into the ocean and causing a mega-tsunami™.  Global economies are on the verge of collapsing and with it cities will be entrenched in endless riots.  One (a)social networking site is challenging its members to band together and start communes (just don't drink the kool-aid). 

There are ways to meet the challenges that are ahead.  For example, you can move 300 kilometers from any population center of 500 or more people.  Also, don't live near any large bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, and of course the ocean.  Further, mountains may not be safe due to tectonic shifts.  Should the equator move into Canada, you may want to not be too far south of the current equator.  Further, be sure to not be somewhere where the meteors are going to fall.  If you are confused, sign up to the (a)social network, where your profile will be judged before you are allowed membership.  If you are deemed to survive, you shall be a part of a very small (a)social network in which you can spend the rest of your life planning your survival in a dying world.


If you are lucky enough to be a member of the jet set, you may be invited to aSmallWorld.  It's open by invitation only to the most savvy individuals on the planet.  And if you are not worthy, you won't be invited to this asocial (a)social network.  Believe me, you are not missing out.

aSmallWorld is known sometimes as Snobster or the Friendster of the jet set according to  Chances are you may have never heard of it because like so many of us, you are not worthy of it.  That's alright though, your self-esteem should not hinge on being invited to another (a)social network.  Facebook is bad enough, why try to be on more than one?


This is one of the most shallow sounding (a)social networking sites I have come across.  According to Wikipedia: is an (a)social networking service which (sounds like the noise someone makes when throwing up) [and] allows college students to collect positive comments about themselves, their attire, their looks, etc., from others by way of Patches. Collecting a Patch updates all the known circles of a user and exponentially increases popularity among ones peers. 
The site was founded by entrepreneur Samson Manickaraj. While describing the concept, Samson Manickaraj said "If someone thinks you look well-dressed, hot or cute, why let that thought go waste? Blauk allows users to share these thoughts and when you collect such positive feedback about yourself from the society around you, it adds a positive energy to your life. Someone you want to date might decide to go out with you based on the number of 'trendy' or 'dream date' patches you have collected, and it makes a big difference to your life. Patches are the reason we dress well when we step out of home, because it feels nice when others find us appealing."

Yes, the reason we look good when we step out of the house is so we can feel good on an (a)social networking website.  In fact, having someone give us a patch on an (a)social networking site should be the whole reason we feel good about ourselves.  No wonder people are so confused about their self-esteem.  Basing yourself and how you look on an (a)social network is just silly.  Of course, many people will be lured to this site in hopes that they are cute enough or good enough to get enough patches to make them a viable human being. 

VampireFreaks is an online community for the Gothic–industrial subcultures.  According to Wikipedia:

VampireFreaks hosts a wide number of events and Gothic parties. Information of these events can be found on its website. It also has a clothing store, named after the site, located in New York City. It helps uphold and connect people of Gothic–industrial subcultures. It's very popular messageboard, though largely populated by all kinds of people and not just goths, is a major component of the site's success. Its main topic of focus aside from socializing is its music, and it hosts its very own digital music store. Jet (the founder) regularly updates the site with information concerning not only bands, but various Gothic events. Many people have found love on the site, and this has been focused on during Valentine's Day.  Couples that met through the site submitted stories of how they met their matches. "Premium Memberships" are also offered (for a fee), these feature the ability to upload more pictures, see who views the user's profile, "powerbomb" the "unwanted" VF members. The official Vampirefreaks clothing store located in New York City has closed.
So, if you are hankering to live the life of a vamp, and you want to pay for the privilege, head on over to Vampire Freaks today!   Sadly, the clothing store in New York is closed, however, you should be able to find similar gear at your local Hot Topic. 


  1. lol Vampire Freaks. Emo goth kids need a social network too... oh wait, they had Myspace lololololol

  2. lol @ world ending in 2012. Either way better find where I buried my guns...