Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nothing like a little demotivation to make you not want to live your life.

There is nothing like a little demotivation to make you stop living and enjoying your life.
  If there is something out there more demotivational than (a)social networking, I just have to know about it!

The truth is, (a)social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the fastest way to make a person stop living their life.  If you use such sites, do you ever find the urge to check them constantly instead of going for a certain goal?  Do you ever see individuals using it as a sounding board, being overly negative about life?  Do you really want to get up, go outside, and look for a job when your friends complain that the economy is so awful that they just cannot find a job?  Well, if you are on (a)social networking sites all day you might not be very lucky in your own job hunt.

I found myself being held back constantly by using these despicable sites.  For example, I constantly heard how hard it was for my friends to meet the same goals that I had and felt like there was no point on me even trying.  However, when I left Facebook, there was nothing to hold me back.  I realized that if I was going to fail at something, it was going to be after I actually tried doing it.  However, if I was glued on Facebook constantly, I would probably not be trying very hard.

I have stated before many times how leaving Facebook helped my grades improve.  While there are some legendary individuals out there who possess mad skills that allow them to excel both in the classroom and on Facebook, the truth is, they are few and far between.  Plus, they may not be just quite as addicted to the site as others.  Even if that is not the case (and I venture to say that most people who use Facebook are addicted), the truth is, some people are better at school and at learning than others are.  That doesn't mean Facebook is right for them.  On the contrary, this kind of (a)social networking may be their only link to the outside world.  In fact, Facebook might replace a family that doesn't speak much or friends that are busy with other things (such as Twitter).

I have had people comment that getting rid of their (a)social networking presence has improved their job performance.  Imagine how many hours are wasted in the workplace by people using Facebook and other sites?  I see it all the time in the classroom.  It's astounding to think about.  Imagine the productivity we could have in our lives if we took all that time we blew on sites like Facebook and Twitter and instead pursued our passions.  Almost every individual wants to achieve something in life.  Some want to be musicians, others writers.  Imagine all that time you spent telling the world about that delicious pot roast you made.  Instead, maybe you could have actually learned that skill you yearn to know.  Maybe you could have written that would-be award winning novel.  The idea is up there in that brain of yours, but that same brain keeps telling you to log on to Facebook to see what your ol' high school adversary did last night. 

Do you find yourself logging on to Facebook and feeling depressed as you log off?
  Do you feel yourself wish you were doing something that your friends say they are doing?  Do you wish your life was more exciting like another person claims that their life is?  If so, there is no reason what so ever that it cannot be.  However, as with any goal, one must remove distractions.  (A)social networking may very well be the biggest distraction in the world today.  These vile places will literally suck every moment out of your day if you let them.  By the time you are ready to push out that first chapter of your up and coming novel you realize that you need to get to bed or get ready for work.  Congratulations, you just spent an entire day (a)socializing!  Of course, you were able to see what your sister-in-law was doing with that inheritance her uncle left her and you did a survey about what songs on your iPod represent you as a person.

There are few things more demotivational than going to bed at night and knowing you wasted a whole day.  As you see yourself getting older you see the dreams of your youth slowly fade away.  You wonder if they were just dreams, or if maybe you could have achieved them.  "If only I would have spent my time in a better way," you lament.  Well, you can spend your time in a more productive way.  You can back off (a)social networking and begin to carve out something truly amazing for yourself.  Your life is a blank canvas that can be changed at any time.  Why continue to spend hour after countless hour spying on friends and making a life that you may not be thrilled public to the world?  You are truly the architect of your own existence.

Ask yourself:  If you were creating your life before you were born, would you put aside hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of your existence to obsessing over (a)social networks?  Life is very short, and you may think that you are doing your family and friends a favor by being on these sites.  The reality is, by you being on there, you make it harder for them to leave.  I realized this when I left the site.  Now I have made it so that the only ways in which I can talk to my friends and family are through fulfilling ways such as via phone, in person, or through e-mail.  These formats allow me to have a real one on one conversation that is intimate and narrowly tailored toward the aspects of life that we share.  What is the point of speaking to my grandmother, my mother, a few people I went to high school with, a college classmate, and my wife at the same time?  Is that truly being social?  Do I really have anything of substance to say to everyone I know at the same time?  Do I really need to share the mundane with the world?  Instead couldn't I be doing something more than just the mundane? 

Sadly, many people realize that (a)social networking is demotivational, but the pull is too great.  In the end we are responsible for our actions.  When we look back at the sum total of our lives we will ask what we did and what we could have done differently.  I am exceedingly happy that I am no longer tethered to (a)social networking.  I am sure you would be too.


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  2. I like how all the Google ads are for Facebook on this blog, and then I'm offered the choice to share these blogs on none other than Facebook itself. POW, right in the irony!

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