Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Politics of Facebook

I heard from a friend that Facebook is full of political discourse over gun control as of late.  That's nice.  One reason I left Facebook was the political arguments between people.  There is one thing I wish people would realize: you are not going to change politics by posting on Facebook.  Everyone has an opinion, yet everyone doesn't care to hear it.  If you want to make a difference, you are going to need to actually get up off your computer and vote.  And not just in the presidential elections.  If you want to be involved in politics, the place to do so is not via Facebook.  If you think that you are connected to the political world because you added Barack Obama to your friends or because you get Romney's Tweets, you had better think again.

Recently I heard a (close relation) family member was making a cross country trip and will be in our area.  I wondered if I would see this individual, and thought I would maybe even get a call from her.  I was made aware of her trip due to a family member who told me that this voyager had posted on Facebook about taking the trip (and used lips to tell nary a soul).  However, as the days passed, I did not get contacted (was this person's lips perhaps broken?).  Now, it does not bother me greatly that I will not get a visit from this person (broken lips do not make for a good visit), but it is annoying that they expect us to be on Facebook.  It goes to show that if you are not on Facebook, you cannot expect to be in the lives of some people.  It's really sad, but not enough to get me to sign back on Facebook.

When I left Facebook I did not make a fuss about leaving.  I did not tell anyone I was going anywhere, I just left.  I figured that there was no point in making a big deal about it.  In fact, I always found that most people who make a big deal about their (a)social network departures often make their way back.  Perhaps this family member thought that I was still on Facebook?  Maybe she wonders why I have not commented on her trip.  That being said, many of my family members do know that I left, as I have been gone for quite a while, and I do get comments from people about not being on the site (the few that I still do hear from). 

One of my comments stated that I will never bring Facebook down.  It's everywhere.  From underwear packages and gum wrappers to billboards advertising sewage treatment plants.  Facebook is a demon that has literally slithered its way into every part of society.  I realize that I can not destroy this beast.  I am just a single person armed with only an arsenal of words and my own studies.  That being said, if I can help just a few people quit the site and improve their lives, I shall be happy.  I think I am already doing that.

Further, another person asked me about using Facebook for business.  I think I will do a whole post on that, but for now I would like to say that I think that is the only legitimate excuse I see for using Facebook.  A business thrives on advertisements and a business would be doing themselves harm by not taking advantage of Facebook.  That being said, a business does not need Facebook to do well.  I honestly wonder how much business Facebook brings in for a sewage treatment plant.  Further, as a business person, you would do well to not have a personal Facebook account in which you become sucked in by the drama and culture of Facebook.  If anything can destroy a business, it's not using time wisely.  So, becoming hooked on the mundane aspects of who went potty where is not going to do you much good in a business sense.  That being said, if you do feel the need to use Facebook for business, do not make and babysit a personal account. 


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  1. Thanks for adding the email feature

  2. Some of the businesses that advertise using Facebook are just absurd. Is the sewage treatment plant's advertising on Facebook going to bring in a lot of new customers?