Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is the internet losing its luster?

It seems that as time passes, the internet is turning less and less useful.  Once a bastion of information, the internet now has become a haven for (a)social networks, scams, and widespread whining, complaining, and narcissism.  For example, a few years back finding legitimate information was quite easy.  Now, when one searches for something on the internet, they must literally sift through scam after scam, irrelevant information, and the inordinate amount of (a)social networks that are trying to gain a stranglehold on the internet.

The internet also has become a literal home to some who have very little of an offline life.  As I find myself surfing through message boards and blogs, I see widespread complaining about everything imaginable.  And if it's not complaining that I am reading, I find that the bragging is rampant.  On (a)social networks, before I departed, people seemed to either whine and complain about the world or exaggerate excessively about their own lives.  In fact, I have compiled a small list of the types of people I now see on the internet.

1.  The Hyper-Bragger

Insecure about their lives, they will do and say anything to make their existence on this earth seem large.  They are usually on (a)social networks like Facebook and Twitter, posting constantly about the most mundane aspects of their lives as if it is a milestone.  Every accomplishment, no matter how minute, is broadcasted to every person who they have ever met who has an online profile.  If you went to school with them, even for a few weeks, you are probably on their friends list.  They live on the internet and there is little chance that they will ever leave.

2.  The Ultra-Depressive

These people seem to make it their goal in life to make you feel either sorry for them or miserable yourself.  They will share with you every sad story that has taken place in their life.  Oftentimes these stories are highly exaggerated and pale in comparison to those with truly hard lives (those who were abused, raped, lived in extreme poverty, etc.).  Oftentimes they may hang out on message boards having to do with psychological issues or even blog about their trials and tribulations.  No matter what advice they procure from you, they will not do anything to change their life.  There existence on the internet is purely vampirical in nature, to suck your emotions and pity from you and channel it to them. 

3.  The "I did it, but you can not"

These people are both proud and wary of their accomplishment(s).  It may have been a fluke that they were able to land a good job, visit an exotic place, or buy a house at just the right time.  But don't expect to be able to do it yourself.  The odds are against you.  And it's just too competitive to try.  After all, they were lucky that it happened to them.   You can't expect similar results.

These people are proud and miserable at the same time.  It's actually quite a paradox.  They will sit in on internet message boards or in chat rooms telling the world how hard life is, and warning people of the pitfalls of life.  When asked about how they got through it, it was just a fluke -- the world is still an awful place.  You can't expect to do well.  They could not have expected it either, but they were lucky.

4.  The "I could not do it, and neither can you"

This is a lot like #3, but instead of them being able to do something that you could not do, they can't, and as such, there is no way you can.  Getting a job at X company is too difficult, it's too competitive to try.  Don't think about moving to Y city, it's too expensive.  Getting into Z college was impossible for me, there is no way you can do it.  These people, if listened to, will bring you down and make you feel lethargic when it comes to trying to do anything that you may have dreamed of doing.  The internet is full of this type of individual.  In fact, the internet is a welcoming place for this type of person, because nobody has to try to be online.  In fact, it's easy and almost fun to complain for many on the internet, and the idea of someone else getting ahead, even if they have vastly different skills and life experiences than this type of person, is an awful thought. 


The internet is still useful for certain things.  Finding recipes is something that I use the internet for.  Also, there is some good information about there.  But you really have to dig for it.  It is said that newspapers are written at a third grade level.  Internet news, such as Yahoo news, is even more dumbed down.  If this is the way people enjoy getting their information, I must say I want no part of it.  I blame some of it on the internet trying too hard to be a "social" place.  The internet was supposed to be a resource for information, not a place to hang out and brag, exaggerate, lie, and complain.  However, I am seeing far too many people doing just that.  The good is that it makes me feel that I am not missing out much when I log off the internet.  I used to spend far too much time on here.

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  1. I met a girl at a party recently for the first time and she proceeded to tell me she was about to self publish a tribute to herself and use all of her facebook comments from people telling her how great she is throughout the pages of this tribute, to make it more "sellable" to people. Talking with a straight face too, as if she is some Nelson Mandela! I had to excuse myself, it was all I could do to not burst out laughing. Very sad