Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Future With (a)Social Networking?

What do you want your future to look like? Do you have goals, dreams and desires which you one day hope to obtain? Or are you drifting aimlessly through life? Is life comprised of waking up, checking your Facebook and Twitter, then going to bed? If so, you are not alone. Many people currently live life on autopilot, basing everything on what they see on Facebook, Twitter, and other (a)social media.  Yet, (a)social networking is said to be "fun" and "necessary." 

Now that the Pope has joined Twitter (@ponifax) there is something for everyone it seems. Instead of going to Church, why not just listen to a 140 character sermon? In fact, the pope will be answering religious questions via Twitter in the next few days. How great! 

The reality is, if you are basing your life on (a)social networking, you are wasting your life.

Ask yourself what you have accomplished since joining Facebook. Ask yourself what your "Facebook friends" have accomplishes on Facebook? Have their lives resulted in a virtual standstill? Are they achieving or stagnating? I bet you a quarter it's the latter. Now that the pope will be delivering a Twitter sermon, we should all hope and pray that these sites end sooner than later. What is the world coming to where faith is fueled by Tweets? Twitter and Facebook together comprise the biggest piles of garbage on the internet. The 'misinformation pollution' that results from these sites is HORRENDOUS! Sadly, people eat the stuff up, often basing their whole lives around what they hear and read on Facebook! How ludicrous!

What did you imagine the future to be like when you were a wee little child?


"I spent another whole day on Facebook/Twitter."
When I was a child, reading issues of Nintendo Power and dabbling in new technologies, I imagined the future world to be something incredible!  Flying cars, musical instruments that played themselves, less pollution and other such ideas filled my young naive head.  I never thought about (a)social networking.  In fact, I never once dreamed that society would be glued to their cell phones twenty four hours a day.  I never imagined that people would communicate through sites like Twitter and spy on their high school class via Facebook.  Looking back at what I imagined the world to be and how it turned out disgusts me.  Sometimes I believe I was born in the wrong time.  I can't help but hold hope for a future without these disgusting sites, but the reality is that such a future may be far off. 

There is something innate about human nature where one craves to compare themselves with other people.  The internet makes that all too easy.  For those who say Facebook and Twitter are about "staying in touch," they are lying to themselves.  Facebook is a spy tool.  A way to compare yourself to your friends and enemies.  It's a way to tell yourself that you are better than some, worse than others.  Facetwit allows you to place yourself on a hierarchy where you and your 'friends' are all listed.  Did you do something funner than your brother-in-law this weekend?  Did your baby happen to make the cutest face?  Did your dinner get the most likes?  Did your quasi-offensive joke get noticed?  Was that $7 you paid to make it get more noticed well spent? 

Facebook and Politics


I can't even imagine the hell that was Facebook this political season.  I was, gladly, not a part of Facebook during the height of the Romney versus Obama arguments that basically shut down the internet.  I heard stories of some people in my family talking about it being "the end of the world" if one was elected.  They actually believed this and made it known on Facebook!  I can't even imagine shuffling through all that.  Yet, many people really enjoy going off about politics on Facebook.  It's a futile pastime.  You won't change anyone's mind, and you are going to look like an idiot trying to.

Politics, actually, was part of the reason I left Facebook.  I noticed many of my "friends" becoming obsessed about conspiracy theories, which became the hallmark of Facebook about a year ago.  One issue was the Occupy Wall Street protests, which ignited Facebook.  I could not help but wonder why those who were against corporate greed were on Facebook.  I could not help but wonder why those who were so adamant about freedom were on a website that has incredibly shady policies in regards to information sharing. 

What do you want your future to look like?


Do you want a future where you are still glued to Facebook?  What did you do yesterday, anyway? 
"Just one more tweet..."
Did you blow a few hours on Twitter?  Did you spy on your ex on Facebook?  Did you honestly believe that Facetwit was making you a better person?  If so, I am sincerely sorry.  There is no reason for you to literally blow through a day, hour, or even a minute on those sites.  The garbage of the internet.  The dregs of society. 

By the way, it won't be the pope himself that is tweeting.  You see, people with lives have no real place on these sites.  Twitter and Facebook don't make one greater, they instead make one stagnate.  If you want to get anywhere in life, you may want to step back from Facetwit and instead think of the goals and dreams you have for your own life and go towards them.  If anything, Facebook/Twitter is a procrastination machine.  It's time to turn 'em off.


  1. As I said in the last comment on the article http://www.facebookdetox.com/2012/08/a-family-torn-by-facebook-part-ii.html, Youtube is the same, especially when it comes to politics. In Youtube, when videos related to politics or anything like that appear, people start writing madly, fighting hard about almost anything and offending others.
    A video related to political candidates appears and people begin immediately to fight and swear about unrelated aspects, like the job, the money or the education someone has. They criticize how much someone reads or exercises and how many spelling mistakes he/she made, or if that person has read enough or not about these characters.
    Furthermore, the people discussing about politics on (a)social networks think they can 'change' the country by writing offensive and rude comments and uploading videos and photos. Taking in account politics are difficult to change even going to vote and taking real action, I don't know how they think politics or anything in life will change by writing and posting videos on (a)social networks and being glued to a damn smartphone.
    At the time I finish college, I hope I never will be forced to have a smartphone or even a cellular phone again; smartphones and games in them are an addiction and a money waste worse than even (a)social networking.

  2. I agree that YouTube comments are horrible and represent some of the worst aspects of humanity on the internet. When I watch a YouTube video I ignore the comments. Some of them are downright vile and disgusting.

    As far as YouTube as a whole, I must admit that there is some content on that site that has been helpful for me, but one has to fish through it often to find something worthy of being watched.

  3. Regarding FB & politics in Singapore context, FB is a great tool in countering the hybrid regime's propaganda. I visit one socio political site's open FB page & read people's comments for an alternative view.

    While the press is freer in America, it is controlled by the hybrid regime here. Without FB & the internet a huge portion of the populace would swallow the govt propaganda hook, line & sinker.