Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Year Without Facebook.

It's a new year, time to slay Facebook once and for all.

I have talked to many people who state that they want to make a sweeping change to their life this year.  That is great, I say.  One should always try to better themselves and their lives.  There is always room for improvement in everyone's life, no matter what.  I know that there are some changes that I want to make in my own life. 

One way in which people want to change their life is by not spending so much time on the internet.
  I, too, have battled internet addiction at times.  It is too easy to start your modem up sit down in front of the computer or turn on your cell phone and aimlessly surf the internet.  Time goes by remarkably fast when one is sitting in front of a computer screen like Jabba the Hut.  In fact, I have noticed that the relationship between using the computer and weight gain is directly related.  The more time I spend on the internet, the bigger and nastier I become.  When I do step away from the computer, I find that sometimes I feel quite nasty.

If you are still hopelessly addicted to (a)social networking, log into Facebook and take a look at some of your pictures.  Now go to the mirror and see if you look like you did in those pictures.  Do you?  If not, do you wish you did?  Have you improved in looks since starting your use of Facebook, or do you feel repulsed by what you see?

The holidays are generally a time in which people put on a boatload of weight.  Every year after drinking gallons of egg nog and eating bowls of cookies and crackers I notice that I literally put on pounds so I resemble a walrus.  I am never happy with how I look once the new year rolls around.  In fact, I often find myself jogging in place for about 20 seconds on New Year's day and making all sorts of resolutions.  Granted, since I do walk around a lot and exercise, I lose some of the weight during the year.  However, I gain it all back again during the winter months.  Christmas time is just too delicious.

However, I have noticed that the weight gain goes up even faster the more I sit in front of the computer.  Basking in the Facebook sun is going to do nothing for your body (or your mind).  While your friends are posting the same ol' junk that they posted a year ago, you may be risking breaking the chair you are sitting on.  While you are spying on your second cousin or your high school adversary, you are not doing anything to impress those around you.  Sure, you may have come up with something snarky to say or something that could impress an internet acquaintance, but what is the real life cost of that?  Who cares what people on Facebook think of you anyway?  The truth is most people are concerned about themselves.  Most people on Facebook are spending their time competing with their perception of others and not paying attention to anyone in particular other than themselves.  Why are you even on there?  Are you still getting anything off of that site?

Each year we get a little older and some of us wish we did something more with our lives.  Some of us wish we could turn back the clock and take all that time that we wasted and have it to do something worthwhile with.  Do you wish the same thing?  Chances are if not, you will.  There is no reason why you can not stop wasting your life on (a)social networking right now and make some goals.  Create a list of the things that you really want to achieve this year. 

Some of the things I want to do include:

1.  Visit Egypt.
2.  Graduate law school.
3.  Write a book.
4.  Go back home and see my family.
5.  Eat healthier. 
6.  Be more active.

Of course, those goals should be fine tuned (they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted).  For example, goal 5 should have some specific ways in which I want to eat healthier.  However, that is just an example of the things I want to do this year.  Do you have any goals?  Will Facebook get in the way of those goals?  I know that it would get in the way of mine.  The more you set out to do, the less you will want to use Facebook.  Life is really worth so much more than merely being wasted on (a)social networking.


  1. yikes- so true! Can you imagine having an office job and then coming home to sit on facebook- what that might do to you??

  2. I just wanted to share a true story which happened at a New Year's party at my house. It really made me think how sad some people's life has become because of that vile addiction Facebook. So my husband and I had a big New Year's party at our house. All the guests were married couples with young kids or expecting, I guess that's the stage we all are at. The clock finally turned to 12 and everyone was congratulating each other and drinking champagne and having a good time. So I happened to look at one couple who are expecting their fist child this year, and I saw that within the first (!) minute in the New Year, instead of celebrating with others or with each other, instead of laughing and having a good time, they were BOTH(!) on their phones on Facebook posting status updates on what they were doing and posting pictures simultaneously. Both were looking at their phones and not at each other. Now, if that's what celebrations have become - bragging to an online community about how much fun you are having while you aren't even looking at your husband/wife in the first minutes of the New Year...then it is very sad indeed...
    After that I decided to stop using Facebook entirely.

    1. Sadly, such occurrences are becoming more and more common. There are some that are so obsessed with Facebook and (a)social networking that they will ignore those around them. And some say you are not social if you don't use these things...