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Fake Facebook Profiles: How Many Do You Need?

Recently it was said that there were over a billion people on Facebook.  Then later on it was said that many of those profiles were fake.  But the big question remains, why would anyone have more than one Facebook account?  Isn't one account enough?
So, how many of these accounts are fake? Facebook estimates 8.7 percent, or 83.09 million accounts.
That's a huge jump, both in raw numbers and as a percentage, from Facebook's last estimate. Back in March, Facebook said 5 to 6 percent of accounts are false or duplicate. At the time, this meant between 42.25 million and 50.70 million users.

Source: cnet
It can take a long time to create, mold, and perfect a Facebook profile.  No doubt some people have spent as much time on Facebook as some of the greatest painters, writers, and sculptors in history have spent on their iconic works.   Can you even imagine how much time one spends when they are milking multiple profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other such sites?

I too have dabbled with multiplicity

Like many, my hands are not clean.  I used to have multiple Facebook and Myspace profiles.  I had one for another website I was making, one for myself, and one for an alter ego of myself.  While I spent very little time on these alternate accounts, I felt that any time spent thereon was a waste of my precious time.  I was right.  I could have been doing something more worthwhile with it.  I could have spent that time with a family member, a friend, or even with my cat.  I could have sat down and wrote a family member a letter expressing my love for them.  Instead, like many, I was absorbed in Facebook, doing what the creators and shareholders wanted me to do -- immersing myself, my time, and my very life into it.

A life without Facebook?
The truth is, I personally know many people who have more than one profile on Facebook.  Some use it for their nome de plume, others use it for a fantasy version of who they wish to become.  Some use a fake profile to start discord on the internet.  Others have a fake profile to cheat on their spouse or significant other.  There are a host of reasons one may use to make a fake profile, but there are very few really compelling reasons to be on Facebook in the first place.  In fact, although I know many people who disagree with the message of this site, not one person has given me a good reason why they spend hours a day on Facebook.  Not one.  In fact, many actually agree with the message or points of this site, but they find it too challenging to leave.  The idea of not being on Facebook is perplexing to many and does not jive with their idea of what it means to live in the modern world.

The truth is, many don't even want to try going without Facebook.  The idea that one is missing out on something by leaving Facebook compels many to stay.  The fact of the matter is that leaving Facebook for some is terrifying.  Facebook, for many, is their window to the outside world.  Although many people spend close to $100 a month on a smart phone, the idea of communicating with friends and family outside of Facebook is somehow absurd.  More and more people are stating that they do not like to talk on the phone, but would rather text or use Facebook to keep in touch with others. 

Among those who owned cellphones, 42 percent said they used their device to stave off boredom and 13 percent pretended to be occupied with their phones to stave off unwanted attention from others.
And what’s happened to voice? It turns out that 53 percent of Americans still prefer to talk to one another on their phones. Source: New York Times
Furthermore, in a recent article out of the dailymail stated that 1 in 5 residents of the UK would rather use Facebook than talk on the phone. 

Most people aged between 25 and 34 prefer to contact friends and family online than pick up the telephone - mobile or landline - according to broadband provider Talk Talk.

Perhaps, we as people are forgetting what it is like to speak to one another.  What does this mean for our future generations?  While many claim that it is harmless, psychologically there is some harm when people do not want to talk to each other and somehow call it being social.

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

When one spends so much time hooked up to the internet, whether it be from the phone or from the home computer, one will likely spend much of that time on Facebook.  Very few people even consider how much time that they spend on (a)social media sites.  With such time being spent absorbed into these sites, there is little wonder why people may feel the want to create a fake profile (or profiles).  After all, it was so much fun to create the first one.  Furthermore, much of what was on the first profile was a fantasy, why not take it further in your second or third profile?

If a person clocked how much time they spent on Facebook and asked themselves if they feel that they don't have the time to achieve their goals, they would invariably be quite surprised with the result.  Having two or more profiles on Facebook is especially burdensome when one considers what they could achieve with the time that they spend on the site. 

Have you had more than one profile on any such website?  Do you know someone who does?  How did that affect you/them?  Are you ready to give a life without Facebook a try?
  There's nothing to be afraid of.  I have received e-mails from and have spoken with many people who have left the world of (a)social media behind and have begun to live more abundant lives.  Perhaps it is now your turn.

If you would like help putting Facebook behind you, or want to talk with your Facebook use, please e-mail

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