Sunday, July 12, 2015

Be Careful What You Like On (a)Social Media

There is a type of person that exists in (a)social media who will like just about everything that is written or posted.  You know the kind, they like every small comment, post, and agree with pretty much everything online.  You know that they do not agree with it all in their mind, but they are trying so hard to make a good impression on the internet.  They are crying out to be liked and loved and accepted in the internet world.  They are the kind of person that wants recognition and internet respect.  They think that the road to popularity is paved with liberal use of the like button.

They stand firm in their beliefs and getting in front of their convictions is like walking in front of a train.  You would never challenge them in person because they would try to chew you up and spit you out.  There is a machine behind that mouth and the off switch is nigh impossible to find.  Yet, on the internet, they have a different demeanor.  You are puzzled as you see something written on Facebook that has their name listed under those who like the post.  This is because you know that if you had said it in person you would have gotten shredded apart and ripped in three.

Sometimes these persons "like" something that makes you wince.  You start to wonder what they are thinking.  At times they like something that is an attack on you.  Perhaps they do not know it.  After all, they seem to pound that button whenever they see it.  They go for the "like" button as a fly goes to animal droppings.  Yet, you can not help but wonder: why did they like that?

With (a)social media, many oftentimes do not think before they put their seal of approval on something.  The like button is a seal of approval.  It says that you "like" something.  Many do not understand this.  Many use it as a way to be popular.  Yet, is it good to be popular while losing your own convictions?  I see many Christians who like things on Facebook that goes against what they probably believe.  Many will post a picture of the cross and the sacrifice of Jesus and in their next breath will like a scantly clad image of a woman that screams adultery.  Other times I see people who crave respect and like something that only takes away respect.  Others claim to be on fire for a cause, yet will like something that goes against that cause.  Whatever it is, many do not think before they push that button, and it gets them into trouble.

This is another problem with (a)social media.  Many do not really understand how to use it and are blinded by the idea of internet fame.  Many want to "go viral," whether it is to the world or just to family.  Facebook for many is just a means to become more popular and more seen.  It is a way to show off ourselves to the world.  Yet, if you are liking things that you otherwise always speak out against, it makes people wonder if they can take what you say seriously - both on and offline.  So, if you are still a slave to (a)social media, please consider what you are liking and what you are putting your "seal of approval" on.  Are you there to just become popular?  Do you have such a low self esteem that you have to be seen all over the internet and be everywhere?  Or, do you actually want to stand for something?  I believe that people will be more remembered and respected when they are willing to stand up for something rather than try every means necessary to be popular.  

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