Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Arguing on Facebook: Starbucks Red Cup War

The latest stupid argument on Facebook
Facebook is rife with arguments on topics that have no bearing on the lives of most people.  Instead of focusing on the good things in life or on real friends and family, those who choose to use Facebook are saying in actions that they would rather argue about the most stupid topics.  Topics such as a red cup from Starbucks.  That's correct, instead of doing something productive with their lives, billions of people are opting to belong to a website that has become full of and promotes such stupid arguments.

Sadly, the holiday season has been turned into a way for family and friends to argue if everyone should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" and whether it is okay for Starbucks to have a red cup this holiday season instead of the somehow more Christian snowflake/tree/snowman design it had in the past.  Christmas has turned into a season of arguments on Facebook and it only hurts the people who spend the holidays on (a)social media.  If you are not on Facebook, you are really doing yourself a favor this year.

People on Facebook are Obsessed with the story of Starbucks' Red Cup:  Vox: Starbucks’s red cup controversy, explainedThe Atlantic: The Inanity of the Starbucks Christmas Cup ‘Controversy’

The Starbucks red cup argument is just another annoying argument and time waster in a long series of arguments that have taken people's lives and times up over the years. From Kony 2012 to Kim Davis to Obama's place of birth, people have wasted their lives arguing on the internet and Facebook is argument central.  Yet, the arguments really seem to heat up around Christmas, which is quite ironic.  Instead of spreading good joy and cheer, many would rather tell others what they should say regarding Christmas or brag about what they are doing and what they have received during the holiday.

Is being on Facebook and reading stupid arguments really how you want to spend your life?  Are you getting that much out of your presence on Facebook?  Or, is it just causing you to feel depressed? Many people seem to be so used to the constant Facebook depression and arguments that they do not think about it.  They don't know that there is a choice to be on the site, sadly.  Yet, another holiday season is coming and the same posts are filling Facebook walls.  Instead of enjoying another year of your life, you are spending it on Facebook.  What joy is in that?  If you are on Facebook instead of spending that time with family and friends, you are truly wasting your life.  Yes, that's right: Facebook is a WASTE of time.  


  1. Arguing on FB there is alot of that its worthless and causes stress that's not needed, FB seems to turn people into someone else when they are on it or it brings out the worst in some people!Nine times out of ten what you comment on has already been said but in a different way so I cant figure out why even bother? If its going to cause replys that are nasty!what good does this do? This is stress that isn't needed or good for anyone!! why scroll to find posts from people you hardly know and people you do know are obsessed with tons of posts and drama! dont we all have enough drama of our own to deal with? And I cant figure out why some people tell all their personal drama on a public network for anyone and everyone to see! That can be very unsafe and for the children!!

    1. I don't think God made us for all the stress that you get on face book!There is too much Drama to keep up with,too many people expecting you to keep up with their posts I don't think family's were meant to share all of their private issues to even a circle of friends some you know some you don't it is putting yourself out there for danger or some kind of problems to arise from sharing things that were meant to be private!I think if God wanted people to share all of their personal daily lives then there wouldn't be a such thing as privacy! privacy is there to protect us for a reason!