Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Facebook Bragging - Bragging about Dating - Cell Phones At A Date - Facebook While Dating - Bragging About Relationships


  1. Someone asked me the other day: "I didn't see you post your valentine's celebration in facebook on Valentines Day."

    Oh wow! So is it now mandatory to post how I spend my February 14?

    People nowadays assume everything that happens in your life MUST be posted on facebook. Sigh.

    1. I agree. If you're a couple, sometimes you may want to keep your celebrations intimate and private. Posting on FB somehow ruins this magical moment between the two of you. And if you're single and you stayed at home, well, there's nothing to post to begin with.

      None of these matters to me though. I don't have Facebook, so I'm spared from all this pressure to share my life in public. As a result, people I know can't easily stalk me. They have to ask me how I am in person to find out hahaha. And I can easily control what I want to reveal and hide to them.

  2. Exactly. Facebook is NOT mandatory. Facebook is a choice. We are not obligated to participate in Facebook. Facebook is not required. Privacy is a good thing that should be preserved as it is increasingly stripped away. We should not be made to feel like we have to share our intimate lives with hundreds of people via Facebook. It's OK to "opt out" of Facebook and not have to explain "why" to people.

    Couples who gush about each other on Facebook….repeatedly...well, there's something else going on there, or someone is a narcissist or attention seeker. Couples who are secure in their relationships, secure in themselves, would be too busy living and enjoying life to feel the need to post intimate details of there lives together on Facebook.

    There is a reason that some people brag about their relationships on Facebook. We all know why: to get ego strokes, to get "likes", to get attention, to feel important - that's it.

    Life was better before Facebook, and people who decide not to use Facebook or use it sparingly, feeling no need to post daily updates of their lives, have nothing to apologize for. They are smarter, in my book.

  3. Yes I agree couples who have to post all the holiday events about what they did or are doing have a problem! Why don't they like some privacy? Its there to protect us for a reason!!

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