Friday, February 19, 2016

You Are More Than Your Gadgets

Take some time out today, away from gadgets and the noise of it all to enjoy the world around you.  Do something to develop yourself and make yourself a better person.  You will not regret spending time in nature, with family, or bettering yourself.  But a day wasted in front of a phone or computer, randomly surfing the net or trolling YouTube?  You'll probably one day regret that.  


  1. Yep. I definitely regret the time I kept scrolling down my news feed. It was depressing. I saw a lot of people post deep inspirational quotes coupled with an unrelated selfie. I saw a lot of selfies that it made me sick. I saw a lot of satire articles being shared, and people believed it was legit.

    It was so much better when I decided to be active in quora. At least I was learning new stuff and I was improving myself.

    Gadgets are, in the end, tools. And how we use our tools matter

  2. Thank you for stating the obvious, I truly hope some Facebook zombies stumble onto your site and see the light. I don't even own a smart phone and despite having a nice laptop and an iPad, I am not one of these people bent over the phones while there are live humans right in front of them. Some people are absolutely shocked when I tell them I do not have a smart phone. So what? I am not defined by my gadgets.

    Sad, sad state of affairs.

  3. I just read this piece, and thought it was worth sharing. I am not of the author's generation but even people in my generation take social media WAY too far. Facebook is the worst offender: