Friday, March 4, 2016

National Day of Unplugging 2016  - March 4th (sundown) to March 5th (sundown)

Think you can take a whole day off from your gadgets and precious Facebook?  Let's see if you got what it takes.  Emergency calls are Okay, but maybe use the rotary phone in the back bedroom instead, k?

It's just one day.  One lousy day!

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  1. I've made a group for my profession on Facebook. I have a total of 40 people in my group, most are students that are in my school but I lack a lot of support from my classmates (out of 20 students, only 2 joined on their own. Five I've invited). The activity is very low. I share a lot of information to make us grow as a profession, training sessions, etc but no one likes the post, comments, or joins the anything. You can tell people saw the post because in the Facebook group, you can see who did. I've even started a giveaway to make the group more active and have advertised it everywhere. I feel, I am wasting my time and could spend my precious time improving my skills and profession! What should I do? Should I delete or keep? If I were to delete the page, what should I say? I have deleted my professional page (which people think it is a mistake because they feel I need a facebook to promote my business). I am in the process of deleting my page for good as well.