Monday, July 17, 2017

Let Go and Live: Facebook is Virtual Slavery.

The election season was a particularly ugly one, and those who dodged Facebook during that period of time were not just truly lucky, but very, very wise.  However, to the dismay of many who thought that maybe things would quiet down, things have not.  In fact, it seem as if political "discourse" is just as loud as it has ever been.  In fact, by some measurements, political discourse is getting uglier and uglier as time goes on.  And Facebook is politics center!  

The media is obsessed with politics right now, and Facebook news feeds are rife with political blah blah.  It doesn't matter what side you are on, or if you don't even take a side, Trump, Hillary, Obama, and others are front and center on Facebook.  Do you know what one of my family members told me when I told them that political arguing on Facebook was a waste of time?   They said that after the election season, there would be no more political talk on Facebook!  And guess what?  This person, this person who was naive enough to think that politics would disappear from Facebook like magic, this person now posts political posts almost every single day!  

Facebook supplements this arguing and bickering about politics with their own "trending news" that features even more things to argue about.  And the comments are beyond ugly.  People trashing each other, forgetting that they are talking to real living breathing people!  And this is considered "the new normal" by 2/7ths of the world's population!  This is considered normal by the vast majority of the United States.  It is even speculated that maybe one day Mark Zuckerburg himself will run for the post of United States President!!  Could you imagine!  And you thought Trump was tweeting a lot?  Imagine Zuckerburg at the helm of the United States?  

However, all that is irrelevant if you are not even on Facebook.  If you are one of the few who hits that disable/delete button and leaves, you don't have to worry about a thing.  Now, you are likely to go through withdrawls.  I did.  I wondered if I was missing out.  Maybe the world was going on without me and I would come to regret being gone.  But then I asked myself, "what will I regret?"  Will it be not bragging about my future?  Will it be not sharing my dinner?  Will I miss out on knowing the political affiliations of all my cousins and classmates?  Will I miss out on saying something that gets me in trouble?  Will I miss out on the glow of a phone in my face at 10 pm or waking up to the urge to check a status update at 6 am?  

But then I thought, look what I am gaining.  I read more books than I have in a long time.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking and enjoying life.  I spend more time with my wife and daughter.  I am thinner, happier, and able to live my life without the urge to check my phone.  And, know what else is nice?  That 230 mb Facebook app is not on my phone, which frees up a bit more space for photos and more productive apps!  In fact, I can't think of any real pros to using Facebook.  Sure, there are some people that I do miss talking to, but I still converse and visit my close friends.  And if they don't want to converse with me outside of Facebook, perhaps we are not that close?  I see my extended family often enough.  I don't need to be tethered to them via (a)social media.  For centuries people used to get by with just handwritten letters.  And we survived.  And some privacy was really a good thing.  There was a lot less drama when people were not always up in each other's business.

Yes.  I will say it.  I will SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS.  I LOVE LIFE WITHOUT FACEBOOK!!!  I love life with a deactivated and dormant Facebook account.  I love being one of the privileged few that is not tethered to this form of (a)social media.  It is great.  And you can love it do.  Deactivate today!  

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  1. I'm really glad to see you're blogging more frequently again. I agree with the political posts on fb. I left during the primaries in 2016 and didn't come back until this February only to find people were still griping. Left again and reactivated in May. Still griping. I deactivated again a few weeks ago. It's awful. I am also very active on Twitter but for some reason, political posts there I scroll right by or unfollow the person. It's a different vibe I guess. I'm really thinking of doing a total social media detox for 30 days.