Sunday, July 16, 2017

Update: July 16, 2017 - Facebook is Depressing!

Hello, and thank you all for your comments and continued reading of this site.  I am working on some new updates for this site, as well as going through and deleting the spam comments.  It seems that there were many of them.

Facebook is still ugly at its core.   Mark Zuckerburg recently announced that now 2 billion people worldwide are addicted - I mean, members - of the site.  That's TWO billion people that are hearing questionable "facts" and information, obsessing over their lives and looks, sharing every small event that takes place, and totally absorbed in political war.  Sadly, many of these 2 billion people think that this lifestyle is ideal.

Fewer and fewer people, especially in the United States and Europe, are without Facebook accounts.  Even when I travel abroad, it is everywhere.  From Nicaragua and Costa Rica, to Ukraine and India, Facebook was everywhere I turned my head.  The world is being wrapped up in it.  Those who stay strong and stay away are truly strong.

I have struggled with being back and forth on and off Facebook, and every time I have deleted my account, I have found that life got far more interesting, that I accomplished more, and that I felt better about things.  Facebook is one of the most depressing places on Earth.  People comparing every small part of their lives with the imaginary lives of other people... and they act as if they enjoy it!

There's a lot more to come, so stay tuned!


  1. "Facebook is one of the most depressing places on Earth. People comparing every small part of their lives with the imaginary lives of other people... and they act as if they enjoy it! "

    Yes, and so many many people participate willingly. They ENJOY it. Why? Because they get immediate gratification via ego strokes via "like"s and "love"s, they get recognition - sometimes immediately - and thus they get their egos buoyed. This feels good, even sub-conciously - so they then become addicted, and they enable all of their "friends" addiction by acknowledging all of their daily status updates. it is indeed a sick contagion. These are intelligent people a lot of the time. I just logged on this morning and noticed that a few of my family members had already "liked" or "loved" someone's photos and immediately felt like I was in the wrong by not spending my morning "like" ing or "love"ing everyone's photos. It makes me feel super competitive and less than, if I'm not on there constantly "like"ing everything, as it happens, in real time, that I am less of a worthy individual. WTF? It's ridiculous. Yet I am like the black sheep who just does not want to participate in this daily madness.

    If you are a sensitive type like me, it is best to avoid Facebook.

    Yet, in order to feel like you are being a good friend or relative or immediate family member, you are now obligated to spend an hour or more EACH AND EVERY DAY "like"ing and "love"ing or "sad"ing or "Wow"ing hundreds of people's daily thoughts, mundane activities and political beliefs….it is indeed, insane.

    To think, just 10 years ago, people lived their lives and did not have to "share" and expect everyone else to "like" what they are doing EACH AND EVERY DAY in real time.
    Facebook has turned life into a daily farce.

    Honestly, Facebook makes me crazy yet I cannot delete completely yet. Someday, I will get there. I am very very thankful I can come here and express my feelings about how Facebook has hijacked society and human communication.

    I am one of the strange people who really dislikes Facebook.

    Thank you again for providing this outlet!!

  2. I've been deactivated on FB for over two months. I've yet to sign back in and save many of the photos that I value; it is truly hard to bring myself to sign back in once I made the decision to deactivate my FB account, but I will. Then I will delete the account and carry on with my life. F*ck Facebook...and Twitter, et al.

  3. To further add to my 7/17/17 post here…no question about it in my mind, Facebook is toxic. I am what they called "middle aged", and it seems everyone in the 50+ age group is jumping on the bandwagon and participating in the daily madness of Facebook. As the OP wrote, obsessing about their lives and their looks and sharing sharing sharing vacation photos, promotions at work, etc so we can all cheer in real time. Craziness. Utter insanity.

    Last night I saw someone in my extended social group post a photo from a gathering for someone's birthday….to which I was not invited. So, you would think I'm old enough to not let this bother me but….it did. Facebook brings us all back to junior high and our insecurities are brought to the surface where we are forced (if we participate or lurk) to see what we are missing, what we were left out of, all of the fabulous vacations and promotions and new babies and new furniture, look at what I painted or listen to me sing, and oh, look, I just bought a new BMW and don't I look amazing in this sexy dress in this selfie. Me, me, me, me - tell me how effing amazing I am!!! Sick. Sick. Sick.

    See, I would KNOW BETTER to not post from a birthday gathering as I would know that other people who were NOT invited would feel left out. The lack of privacy in the modern Facebook era is really destructive to relationships. Had I not seen the post on Facebook, I would probably not have known about this event. I just I cannot imagine how the competition Facebook encourages affects the emotional lives of younger people, having this kind of stuff shoved into their faces all day long.

    Yet, as , I continually wonder about the people who DO participate daily, hourly, all day long in real time… is it that THEY do it? HOW do they work full time, have children, aging parents, and hobbies? How are they NOT annoyed with the arguing, the negativity, the name calling, the continuing erosion of privacy and good manners, etc. I just don't get why more people aren't saying ENOUGH - we want our lives back!

    But no, Facebook is the "new" normal. Like it or hate it, it is here to stay. I am going to try to deactivate while not annoying my family and "friends". I really hope this toxic medium self-destructs, it will someday but will something even more sinister replace it?